Click on the links below to access the various DELL e-mails concerning their bad customer service since 2009:


1.         Compilation of Various DELL e-mails – Volume 1

2.         Compilation of Various DELL e-mails – Volume 2

3.         Last Dell E-mail


I am at an impasse since none of your employees have been able to help me with this issue concerning my account(s):

  1. Had signed up for automatic payments the DFS website and after only 1 payment was removed, nothing happened.
  2. Was paying for a year for 2 accounts that were supposedly with a collection company. Nobody informed me of this, even though I repeatedly stated this in multiple e-mails that I was paying.
  3. Have gone through over 10 Dell personnel (see names below). Every time I seem to almost get a breakthrough, I get forwarded to the “new person”.
  4. Misinformation was the norm – I have been informed on numerous occasions to contact Legal Dept but never got a response (Certified Mail tracking # 7010 0290 0001 1063 4123, 2308 3250 0000 4505 9367, 2305 1590 0001 1115 3047, etc.)
  5. For over a year, I thought I had only 2 accounts but was informed I had 3. Even though I had listed the 2 accounts on numerous e-mails and did not find out until the umpteenth “new person” told me otherwise (after a year).
  6. Original rep messed up my orders and handed it off to someone else.
  7. I have copied the pertinent e-mails to and .
  8. As a result, I can no longer lease any equipment and all the money that I thought I was paying on 2 of the accounts was for naught. I have 1 account that is up to date and cannot grow my business.




Baba Bamisaiye, PMP


Gateway System Technology